10 Top Tips To Safely Clip Your Dog's Nails

Kurma's Nail Clipping Tips For Dog Owners

1. Learn How To Properly Clip Nails First. Before you begin clipping your dog's nails, it is important that you learn how to properly perform the task. If you clip nails too short, they will bleed from the quick being cut. Which is why we recommend clipping little by little.

2. Wait Until Your Dog Is Calm And Relaxed. If your dog has never had their nails clipped, we recommend that you slowly allow them to get used to having their feet handled first. You can sit with your dog for a few minutes and just gently rub her legs and feet. When your dog is comfortable with you gently touching and handling her feet, start moving the clippers to their nails.

3. Spread Your Dog's Feet To Check For Dirt And Debris. You can do this by holding your dog in place and placing your arms and upper body over her while you clip the nails. When clipping the front nails, make sure to hold your forearm over your dog's neck to prevent their head from lifting. If your dog remains nervous or jumpy, simply lay them on their side and gently hold them down.

4. Choose A Quality Dog Nail Clipper. There are a variety of different types of clippers available to choose from, a pliers type, guillotine type or scissor type. We personally recommend the pliers type as the guillotine type has been known to crush the nails. While scissor types require more pressure to clip nails. We created the best dog nail clippers that we personally use to help trim dog nails.

5. Firmly But Gently Grasp Your Dog's Leg In Your Hand. You need to do this in a good position that easily lets your hand face the same direction as the paw, typically towards the front side of your dog. Wrap your fingers softly under the pads, using the thumb, to soothe along the paw that you're working on. This usually works perfectly for front paws.

6. Carefully Check The Shape Of The Nail. The base of the dog's nail is straight until it curves nearer to the nail tip.

7. Start Carefully Tipping Your Dog's Nails. Gently hold the digit you want to trim and carefully cut a thin shave off the tip of your dog's nail. Always make sure you do it in the day time or have a bright light behind you. This enables you to get closer to the quick without causing the nail to bleed. Remove a tiny bit of the nail until you start seeing an oval-like figure on the cut surface or until you reach the desired length. At this point, you can stop cutting because you're too close to the quick.

8. File The Nails. Once you clip the nails they will become rough along the edges, use a file or emery board to smooth it out.

9. Stop Any Bleeding. Accidents can occur when trimming nails and it's important to stop the bleeding as soon as possible by using styptic powder or cornstarch. Simply press the styptic powder on the nail until the bleeding completely stops. In most cases, you will have to continue to press the powder on the wound for a couple of minutes. With steady pressure, you will stop the bleeding quick.

10. Be Sure To Reward Your Dog When The Job's Done. Make sure to show love to your dog after you finish clipping by rewarding them with a treat and praise. This will ensure an easy dog nail clipping session in the future!

So Why Spend So Much Time Learning To Clip Your Dog's Nails?

This is quite often a response we hear from many dog owner's and can be a grave mistake that is neglected. However, some dog owner's just simply don't realize that their dog's nails are too long and the health effects it may have. One common way to know if your dog's nails are too long is by simply listening for a "clickity clack" sound when your dog is walking on a hard surface.

Overgrown nails can lead to many different health problems for your dog. Some of the health problems are pain, ingrown nails, torn bleeding nails, deformed feet, bone and joint problems as well as hip and back problems that lead to bad postures in your dog as they try to adjust for the overgrowth of nails.

As dog owner's ourselves, we were also guilty of neglecting overgrown nails until we found out about the dangers ourselves. Which leads to the question of which dog nail clippers should you choose? There are three different types of nail clippers available, a pliers type, guillotine type and scissor type. We personally recommend the pliers type as guillotines have the possibility of crushing the nail. While scissors require more pressure to clip with.

Grooming has also been shown to help increase the bond between you and your dog while helping to remove stress. Veterinarians recommend grooming often in order to improve your dog's overall health.

We wanted to create a simple solution that we liked as dog owner's ourselves, so we decided to create our own dog nail clippers that we personally liked as a solution to clipping dog nails.

It comes with a nail file that is stored in the ergonomic non slip grip handle that feels comfortable in the hands to provide you with the confidence of clipping just the right amount of your dog's nails.

For even more added security, the dog nail clippers have an adjustable safety guard to avoid over clipping and cutting the quick. Store your clippers in the provided storage box that is included to ensure the clippers are never lost and stay clean and sharp to prevent any risks of infection.

With the hardened stainless steel blades, you won't have to worry about rusting or dulling of the blades in order to keep your cuts clean and precise with little pressure needed. Considering that most dog owner's often spend more than $500 per year on nail clipping, you will end up saving a ton of money.

Every one of our dog nail clippers are backed by our 100% No Risk Guarantee, try it out for 30 days and if it doesn't work for you, you'll get your money back! There is absolutely no-risk in giving it a try. Even if you just don't like it, you can get your money back!

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What People Are Saying About Us...

"Really high quality pet nail clipper. The clipper comes in a heavy, really fancy looking box (which works great for storing the clipper to keep it clean). It looks very expensive. The nail clipper itself is heavy (good quality, not hard to hold) and easy to use. There is a small black switch to keep the clippers closed versus open, and the blades are quite sharp when cutting your pet's nails, making the process very easy and fast. I cut my cat's nails tonight with the clippers and she did not fight me at all. These clippers made the whole process really easy. I highly recommend these clippers, much better than the small cheaper ones you find at your local store. The clippers do come with easy to read instructions for cutting your pet's nails."

- Kristin S.

"Having 2 dogs, I have found it nearly impossible to clip their nails. I've tried different clippers, battery operated files, nothing worked. The clippers would split my dogs nails, and the battery files...not even worth the price tag as both were afraid of it. These clippers are amazing! My little dog, which is the hardest to do, sat on my lap and I clipped away. It took me literally 10 seconds to do both front paws. Each one clipped perfectly. The clippers even have a guard on them so I can't cut down to the quick by accident. All nails were clipped without any peeling or cracking. This is the first time I was able to do his nails without having to take him to the vet to do it in over a year!!! These are very high quality and safe. I highly recommend to any pet owner!!!!"

- Abigail G.

"I use to be paranoid cutting my dogs nails, because I was afraid to make her bleed— but with the kurma nail clippers it was super easy ! It came with easy to follow instructions and I am now confident with cutting my dogs nails :) yay"

- Stephanie T.

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