6 Top Tips To Desensitizing Your Dog From Objects They Fear

We listed our top tips for desensitizing your dog from new objects they fear below

1. Introduce New Scary Object Just Before Feeding. For at least a week, show the new object before feeding so your dog begins to associate it with good things.

2. Short Moments Of Exposure. Start by showing the new object for short periods of time then follow up with good things only (for example don't clip their claws, but give 3 treats instead).

3. Break Down The Scary Thing Into Small Steps. Start by putting the nail clippers near the dogs claws, then touching the claws, then holding the claw in the clippers and finally cutting. Praising and rewarding heavily for each step.

4. Being Patient. Slowly proceed to the next small step only when your dog is 100% comfortable. Remember, this is for the long run and to help your dog slowly enjoy any grooming routine.

5. Paying Attention To Your Dog's Response. If your dog seems unhappy or sensitive to the scary object at any time, go back a step and spend more time on that step.

6. Maintaining Focus. If your dog is scared of several things, work on one at a time maintaining a happy voice, rewarding with lots of treats and remaining patient.

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