7 Top Tips To End Dog Shedding

1. Bathing Your Dog As Needed. Most dogs need to bathe at least once a month and no more than once a week depending on what is recommended by your Veterinarian. As bathing too often or too little can actually cause shedding. Another helpful tip is to use all natural shampoos to avoid any skin irritations for your dog.

2. High Quality, All Natural Dog Food. A lot of commercial dog food doesn't contain optimal amounts of nutrients. This can cause your dog to miss out on certain necessary nutrients which can cause hair loss and other health problems. An all natural diet keeps your dog's skin and coat healthier.

3. Adding Olive Oil To Food. Adding a tablespoon of olive oil to your dog's food every day has been proven to improve your dog's skin due to the healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Healthier skin = healthier coat. 

4. Using A Deshedding Tool. By using a deshedding tool to brush your dog, you promote a healthier coat which in turn also cuts down on the amount your dog sheds. It will also help remove any loose fur, which would otherwise end up all over your home! It only takes a few minutes of brushing per session to really see a difference.

5. Adding Molasses To Food. Simply adding a teaspoon of molasses to your dog's food (1 teaspoon every 10 pounds of dog food) can help reduce shedding. As molasses is high in iron, calcium and magnesium which have been shown to help improve skin health.

6. Regular Checks For Pests. If your dog is constantly licking, scratching or pulling out their fur with their teeth, your dog may have lice, ticks, mites or fleas. These pests can irritate your dog causing shedding, pain and itching. Consult a Veterinarian on flea medicine to get rid of them. 

7. Checking For Allergies. Some common signs of allergy are itchy red skin, lots of scratching, runny eyes, itchy areas at the base of the tail or around the ears, sneezing, diarrhea, vomiting, snoring, lots of licking, chewing at the paws or swollen paws. Many things can cause allergies for your dog and the best way to narrow it down is by visiting a Veterinarian to assist in finding the allergen.

We All Love Our Dogs But Shedding Can Be A Huge Nuisance

As dog owner's ourselves, we love the happiness and joy our dog brings us, but shedding is a huge headache for us as fur ends up all over our home leading to allergies and fur stuck to furniture and clothing. Which lead us to create our own deshedding tool which helped us reduce our dog's shedding tremendously. We no longer had to deal with fur every where around the house!

Not only has our dog's shedding improved a ton, but their coat is also healthier and shinier from brushing. Brushing helps redistribute your dog's natural oils throughout their coat resulting in stronger fur. We also had the chance of building a closer bond with our dog as part of the grooming routine which is invaluable.

The whole process of deshedding only takes a few minutes everyday by brushing gently through their coat, which isn't much of a hassle. During the process we also make sure to check for any skin conditions in order to spot the illness early to treat it right away. Regular grooming also helped prevent mats and tangles in their fur which can be hard to remove once it happens and not to mention the pain it causes your dog as it tugs on their skin.

Try Out Our Deshedding Tool And See The Difference In Your Dog's Shedding

What People Are Saying About Us...

"Love this deshedding tool, I have a corgi mix and it helps me remove all the loose fur that usually always ends up on furniture and around the house, which means less cleaning later on. It also comes with an amazing box to store your deshedding tool and a easy to read manual for instructions on how to use it. Definitely recommend this product and you can't go wrong with the money back guarantee."

- Steve G.

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